Welcome to Mint Spring U.M.C.

Cross and Flame

Mint Spring United Methodist Church has been serving the Lord in Augusta County at least since 1884, although it may be as early as 1866. On August 17th, 1889 a committee was appointed to purchase the church building at Mint Spring. Originally we were a six point charge which was reduced to a four point charge in 1900. In 1915 the Greenville-Mint Spring charge was formed. In 1987 both Mint Spring and Greenville went stationary. MORE»

Worship + Sunday School

  • Worship 9:30 a. - 10:30 a.
  • Sunday School for all ages 10:45 a. - 11:30 a.
  • Communion: TBD

Today's Message:

The Rocky Road That Leads Somewhere: Special Guest Speaker: Rev. Gene Williams Hosea 11: 1–11; Colossians 3: 1–11; Luke 12: 13–21

Helping The Valley Mission


For August, the Aunt Emmie S.S. Class will be collecting trash bags (13–55 gal.), Worcestershire Sauce, and Texas Pete.

Lord's Acre Day

Lord's Acre Day is Saturday October 8th

Lord's Acre Committee Meeting

Lord's Acre Committee will meet August 8th at 7 p.m.

Charge Conference

Reminder that Charge Conference is Tuesday October 25th at 6 p.m.

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Holly Jolly Christmas Shoppe

The Holly Jolly Christmas Shoppe was such a success last year, that it is back for 2016. This year it will be Friday November 18th & Saturday November 19th

Mission Statement

We, the United Methodist Church at Mint Spring, believe that we are a community of Faith, created by God, bound by grace and a shared sense of mission. As a Church, our purpose is to be accountable to God in advancing the mission of Jesus Christ in our time. We are called to resist evil and to do no harm, to do as much good as we can within our fellowship and in the work beyond our doors, and to be open to the Holy Spirit through Sacramental worship and faithful service.

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United We Stand

One Nation Under God