Welcome to Mint Spring U.M.C.

Cross and Flame

Mint Spring United Methodist Church has been serving the Lord in Augusta County at least since 1884, although it may be as early as 1866. On August 17th, 1889 a committee was appointed to purchase the church building at Mint Spring. Originally we were a six point charge which was reduced to a four point charge in 1900. In 1915 the Greenville-Mint Spring charge was formed. In 1987 both Mint Spring and Greenville went stationary. MORE»

Vacation Bible School June 25 – 27

Vacation Bible School (a.k.a. “VBS”) was a huge success. In attendance were 17 kids and 6 adults. It was titled Discovering God's Love on Son Treasure Island. It was all capped off with a Luau on Sunday June 29th with a performance by the children during Children's Time.

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